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Why shop from LED Uncle? LED Light

LEDUNCLE is an online international e-commerce LED light platform started by Luminosity Solutions. We are prominent manufacturers and wholesalers of a wide range of LED lights. LED Uncle offers a wide range of LED Lights that are exquisite, have longer durability and are energy efficient. The website mainly focuses on the online shopping of LED lights in India and abroad. We offer all kinds of Lights indoor lightsoutdoor lightscommercial lightsresidential lightsdecorative lights. We assist in online shopping without causing any inconvenience. It is one-stop for all LED Light products varying from LED Batten LightsLED Bollard LightsLED BulbsLED Flood LightsHigh Bay and Low Bay LightsUp-down Lights and strip lights.

Users can go through our site and gain knowledge about all LED products that are available at us. We accept all kinds of electronic payments from around the world. LED Uncle was started to meet customer requirements and making our customers our priority. LED Light known as the energy-efficient bulb in the word of lights is the easiest way to save up energy. We have made our products with advance technology and have kept the price pocket friendly for our customers. At LED Uncle we have use high quality LED chips in our led lights that result into minimal driver failures and its replacements. All our products have Surge Voltage Protection which will protect from voltage spikes. LED lights produces 90% more energy as compare to incandescent light bulbs. Led lights are even eco-friendly as compared to other alternatives. At LED Uncle we provide our customer a high quality and advance technology without even burning a hole in your pocket.

Indoor Lighting

We want to provide our customers best services and latest technology. Our indoor lights can be used for a longer duration and it provides the best performance. The affinity of our products have been tested and approved in respect of the latest quality of international standard requirements. We at LedUncle use standards like EMC,LVDD and ROHS etc. in the process of manufacturing keeping global warming in mind.

Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting is the new and fastest form of lighting which is accepted globally as it doesn’t harm the earth, it doesn’t overheat and doesn’t start burning out. Manufactures are creating different sizes, shapes and designs of the led lights not only to illuminate the area but also led’s are eye catchy because of their designs.

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in transforming and lighting the external architecture. It gives a total new look of the area. Outdoor lighting is very much important for all of us as it provides a safety on roads, creates rapture environment, makes the architecture look more appealing, enhance the beauty of particular area, provides better vision in night, it extend the efficacy of human activities, etc.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial lights are mostly use in offices, malls, stores, institutions, etc. they are used in a manufacturing/ industrial or non- residence. Keeping industrial needs in mind LedUncle provides led commercial lighting and designed in such a way that they matches your requirement.

Residential Lighting

We spend our most of the time in our residence only it’s important to have a proper lighting. An adequate lighting turns a house into home. We provide our customers a proper led residential lighting so that they can stay focus, calm, relax and help in doing their work cycle. Experts says that indoor lighting has a direct connection with the human psychology.

All our products are BIS certified and IP rated for its usages which simply means your safety and comfort is our first priority. Superior quality at best price.

HOW UVC(Ultraviolet) light KILLS VIRUS

UVC wavelength is scientifically designed and proven technology to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms that pose a risk to human health. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light kills or inactivates microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

UVC germicidal lamps with engineered systems reduce infection caused by airborne transmission of bacterial pathogens within built environments. Furthermore, some of the water we drink has been disinfected using UVC light, as has a wide variety of food, drink and medical supplies.

UVC germicidal lamps have been used for disinfection of air and surfaces within
● hospitals,
● care homes,
● laboratories ,
● school/college/universities
● corporate offices/Malls/cinema halls/Trains/Metros
● Airports, and many other places for having hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance in current situation of COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak

Advantages of UVC Lights

• Chemicals are not used and hence no chemical by-products are generated in the finished product.

• Disinfected materials are not heated.

• Uses non-ionizing radiation hence not residual radioactivity is delivered to the product.

• Effective to remove most microorganisms.

• Can be used for liquid and solid materials.

• Quality characteristics are preserved.

• UV-C radiation sources are easily available at a reduced cost.

• Low energy needs.

• Non transparent liquid foods, having low UV radiation penetration depth, are fully sterilized.

• It is an alternative to thermal processes because it provides similar results being less aggressive to the product characteristics.

• Low cost and effective technology.

• UV disinfection can be implemented anyway in the production process.



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