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The Light Emitting Diode (LED) is one of today's most new, rapidly-developing lighting technologies and energy-efficient light. LED Lights last longer and are much more durable than that of other types of lighting. LED Lights are also known to be the energy-efficient lighting in the world of lights. The widespread use of Led lightings would be the easiest way given to us to save up energy for the future.

The LED lighting has been in use for couple of years in India and with the increase in its technology many are adapting the use of LED lighting as well. LED now is considered more Eco-friendly than CFLs and the use of bulbs have been decreasing every year. A few years back, LED lighting was not so commonly used but now they are penetrating into homes and businesses, but mostly as decorative lighting solution. It is said that LED lighting is expected to play a major role in reducing India’s overall energy requirements.

LED Lights Online

Hence, here’s a complete guide that will help you in knowing more about of Led Lights and its benefits.


LED lights are considered to have a longer lifespan than incandescent lights such as bulbs and are significantly more efficient than fluorescent lights. The light source, direction, and heat of LED lights are distinct and separate from that of incandescent lights. LEDs emit light in such a way that the need for reflectors and diffusers that are used to trap light are reduced. The most significant advantage of LED lighting when compared to traditional lighting is its lifespan. The average LED lasts 2-4 times than that of fluorescent, halogen lights and it has double the lifespan of incandescent lights. Incandescent bulbs and CFLs release 90% and 80% of their energy as heat respectively whereas; LEDs emit very less heat.

With the increase in technology LED lighting is available in a wide variety of products that can be used both for home decor and industrial works. For the decoration of a home interior, these lights are useful in more ways than one could imagine. Many people think LEDs are only used in few places such as TV screens. But in reality these lights are used in commonplaces than people know about. Below are some of the LED products that are being used commonly.

Industrial and Commercial Lights

These are lights that are used in industries, factories and warehouses. These lights produce bright light which will help in more visibility in working for employees. These include high bay and low bay fixtures, area light and streetlights. These are the different type of LED light fixtures, and they vary based on built and design. But an informed decision should be made while deciding on the need and purpose in industrial facility.

Home Decor Lighting

Lighting affects the mood and ambience of a space and if got it right it will make the whole interior look much better. Having light as a decorative interior gives an ambient lighting. Lighting or illuminations are usually accomplished by light fixtures. These light fixtures can provide ambient lighting. Lighting fixtures needs to be both stylish and practical.

Led lights and its benefits

From being cost-effective to its durability Led lights have its own benefits which make them stand out than other lights. Led lights are physically small which makes them incredibly adaptable to a number of lighting applications. Traditional solutions contain mercury in it, therefore, needs to be carefully handled at the end of its lifespan but as for LEDs no special consideration is needed. Hence, LED lights are environmentally safe. As LED uses very low voltage it is easy to use LED lighting in outdoor lighting. Led lights also work well in cold and hot temperatures. Color rendering index (CRI) helps in measurement of light’s ability to reveal the actual color of objects as compared to natural lights and LEDs usually have a high range when compared to CRI.

Still Indian market is not fully aware of LED benefits but due to its exquisite, durability and efficiency people are opting it. Once people would be more aware about LEDs rapidly-developing lighting technologies and energy-efficient light in the coming years the rise in use of LED lights would be seen. The online market is a great way to know more about the product as it gives all the necessary details regarding to it which will make the customer more aware of the product and its benefits.  Long service is one of the greatest benefits of LED lights and with more use of the products we can expect the prices to come down. This feature of its attracts the customers more though the prices may seem high. Because though they are expensive but they have a very good durability and are beneficial for longer run. By providing efficient energy conversion and its lifespan, these help in saving money than traditional lights.

Written By Feba Varghese



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