Everything you need to know about Commercial High Bay and Low Bay Lights

The ceiling height is always the deciding factor, when considering between commercial high bay and low bay lights. The reason behind this is because these two categories of lighting fixtures are manufactured and designed differently to accommodate the needs of each space. One of the major differences in the concentration of the light spread.

High bay lights mostly will utilize reflectors to help ensure the light spreads down and are out in the way necessary for quality and visibility in the space from the higher distance. A high bay will also present a high lumen output to compensate for the greater distance compared to the feature of low bay light fixtures.

High bay light fixture placed so high up may have a harder and difficult time maintaining the brightness as it has to cover a massive amount of area, so it needs to compensate with a higher lumen output to reach all the vital areas and avoid silhouette.

What is a high bay light ?

A high bay light is usually defined as a light intended for use in a ceiling high above the ground, ranging from more than 20 feet and up to 40 feet in height from the floor. A high bay ceiling is more commonly found in industrial and commercial spaces.

What is a low bay light ?        

As of low bay lights they are defined as a light intended for use in a ceiling under 20 feet in height from the floor. A low bay ceiling is usually found in homes and supermarkets and is most commonly used there.

LED High Bay Lights

Whenever a large and bigger indoor space needs to be illuminated, high bay lighting is usually suitable. Consider spaces like manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, factories, and more; these facilities are typically vast and extensive which cover a lot of vertical as well as horizontal space. This requires powerful lighting to provide the appropriate foot-candle levels to competently illuminate.

 LED High Bay Lights

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High bay lighting is hanged from the ceiling with the support of usual hooks and sometimes chains. And at times they are fastened directly to the ceiling. High Bays are designed to be used in very high areas, 8m+, to provide well distributed and consistent light for open, spacious areas.

A very particular reason to use a high bay light is that it also can light vertical surfaces and at the same time can illuminate the whole room. That is why high bays are mostly used in warehouses because the vertical light helps the items to pick easily from above.

LED Low Bay Lights

Low Bays work mostly in the same way as high bays however; they are best suited to lower mounting heights. Lens angles are also used to distantly spread the lighting. By using these lens angles to direct and further the lighting in specific places, sometimes less low bay lights are needed.

LED Low Bay Lights

A low bay light is usually defined as a light intended for use in a ceiling under 20 feet in height from the floor. A low bay ceiling is the most common type of ceiling commonly seen in homes, most retail businesses, and public buildings.

As their name implies high-bay lights are used to irradiate spaces with high ceilings. That means ceilings are usually ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. On one hand, low-bay lights, are used for ceilings 20 feet and under.

High bays by definition is a powerful light source that illuminates a large area, therefore high ceiling areas should be brightened by high bay lights. The use of the right high bay lighting choices can ensure safety while it will also be maximizing energy efficiency and enhance productivity. 

The low bay type of light fixtures is usually used where the ceiling height is twice. Usually around 20 feet or so. Where normal fixtures may not be sufficient to lit the given space and the light distribution needed to focus to the ground and lamp needs to have a higher light output. If the lamp wattage is higher, heat management is also required.

Some of the places where the low bay fixtures are used are reception area, covered parking lot, semi indoor areas where the height does not exceed 20 feet. These fixtures can be mounted directly to the ceiling or can be recessed in a false ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. They usually come in a bowl shape or rectangular. The light dispersal will be either narrow or wide beam.



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