How many types of LED Bollard Lights are there in India

LED Bollard and Garden lights that are used for lighting of the lawn surroundings are energy-efficient lights that can also be used for decorating your lawns. These lights are one of the essential elements of outdoor lighting to affect your home’s exterior. Bollard lights are brilliant for safety and style as they can easily light up your path in the night. At LED Uncle, we provide best-LED Bollard lights that are available in the market. Where you can choose from a wide variety of style, size, and lighting options.


Bollard Lights are a type of outdoor lighting fixture comprising upright ground-mounted units with lights attached at the top of the sides of the bollard. One of the reasons bollard lights are used is because of the great look that it brings out. And
with this great look, it has some amazing functions that would be worth your money.

Bollard lights brighten the pathways and a boundary to walk for people. It can also be used to light up your outdoor. Enlighten the natural areas by showing off the amazing landscape around your home.



Types of Bollard lights

Bollard lights come in handy with different styles and designs. They could be round or flat, square or dome top, and short or long. Usually, bollard lights come in two sizes- small and large. Having two sizes available allows two different levels of lighting. These light fixtures either have their lights at the side or at the top based on their type. All kinds of LED bollard lights available at led uncle based on its size and type.

Types of LED Bollard lights that are available at led uncle:

1. Louver Lights

Bollard with louver controlled led lights send their light towards the ground. These lights point towards the ground and the light cannot be seen making it great for pathways as only an ample amount of light comes out making it very soothing to the eyes. As the light source is blocked from direct view.

2. LED Bollard Bubble series

LED bollard bubble series are bubble-shaped designed and its lights are generated from the bubble designs. The bubbles are usually in different colors that make the light come out in those colors. These make the ally look pretty where this type of bollards are placed.

3. Type V Glass Reflector Light

These types of lights create more intense and 360-degree lighting making it best if you are trying to use fewer light fixtures.

How to setup a Bollard Light?

When having bollard light installed the first thing you need to consider is its location. LED bollard lights can be used as a great way to light up the outdoor of your home. It can be used anywhere from your driveway, garden or your pathways. Although bollard lights look difficult and unsafe to install these can be simply and safely done.

Bollard lights should always be done by professionals to avoid mistakes and accidents. By carefully planning and installing LED Bollard lights in the appropriate areas, they can show off the beautiful garden of the house. The placement or spacing of bollard light will depend on the requirements and your preferences.

At LED Uncle we offer a wide range of products following the trend and latest styles. Bollard light fixtures that are of your preferences and taste. We offer products that are carefully manufactured and made under supervision. All our products last long and have a warranty of 2 years. The types of led bollard lights that you will find at led uncle are: LED Bollard light- 7th star series (square), Bubble series (square), cross grid series (square), galaxy series (round), leaf series (round), parabola series (round), riffles series, spline series (round), string series (square), zebra series (square). Shop online exclusively at in India.

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