LED Batten Lights a solution to flickering fluorescent tube lights (FTL)

The lighting in your home needs as much thought as the furniture and color of your wall. Proper lighting can bring any space to life. The old incandescent bulbs that created a massive amount of heat while operating were replaced with CFLs and tube lights. The reason why the incandescent lights went into existence was one because of the massive heat produced and another being theses bulbs light could only cover a small area with its light. But with the introduction of CFLs and tube lights people starting opting for them instead of bulbs because less heat is produced and being energy-efficient.

 led batten light

CFLs and tube lights have many benefits from being energy-efficient and durable. These were some general advantages that they offered.

Nowadays, Batten lights are a very common light fixture. Battens are used to hold or to fasten something against a wall. The batten in a tube light is simply designed to hold the tube and is connected to a ceiling or a wall. These fittings are shades designed to cover batten fixed tubes from dust and protection from humidity. These enclosed battens which protect the tubes from wear and tear have many more advantages to offer.

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Five benefits that Batten Lights offer are:


  1. They protect the tube light

Battens provide a covering to the tubes which protect them from dust and humidity. When ACs are turned on the air coming out from the ACs sometimes moist the tubes but the battens cover the tube from exposure and gives protection. This intake makes the tube run for a longer time without any problems than others.

  1. They increase their durability

This energy-efficient which protects the tube light in any climate and covering them from dust makes them run for a longer period than usual. With no humidity reaching the tube they work well in any environment. And they have zero-maintenance costs as they do not usually run out.

  1. Adds elegance

One of its main features is its high brightness. The lights being distributed equally in every area brightness the room and makes it look more elegant to one’s eye. LED Battens are best in class and innovative.

  1. Flicker-free operation

Though normal tube lights are durable but they often keep flickering after sometimes. But LED Batten lights are free from flickering and even after its long usage it still is flicker-free. This is one of the reasons to opt for LED Batten light.

  1. Environment-Friendly

With being best in class for its looks, they yet are environment-friendly. This feature is the best as not only it is cost-effective but also manages to be environment-friendly. 


led batten lights

Luminosity Solutions LED Batten Lights have an elegant look and a driverless design. We focus on making batten lights that not only are durable but with that we also make them look elegant and graceful as well that attracts our customers.

At LEDUncle we offer batten lights that are cost-effective and are lightweight. They provide batten lights that are slimline which gives them a gracious and stylish look. They are versatile lighting solutions that can be used for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. Battens are easy to fit and remove. They do not need to be frequently removed from the tube and they last long. They have lower consumption and are energy savers. Batten lights are classy and stylish yet are environment-friendly. Usually, these lights last for 25000 hours which is double the lifetime of most of the bulbs. These can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor applications. But while using them indoor they should have IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings of 20 and IP Ratings of 55. We offer products that are best in collection such as led bollard lights, solar lights, led Spike lights, led underwater lights, Indoor Lights, Outdoor Lights, Commercial Lights, Residential Lights etc. Get the best quality LED Lights at LEDUNCLE.COM.



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