Facing Difficulty in Choosing LED Downlights for Bedroom

Lighting is such an important part of our life which is with us 24*7. We spend our time mostly in lights whether it is real or artificial light. We can’t choose between the real source of light, but one can easily choose between the artificial sources of light. Every room deserves a different type of lighting as every room says a different story. A led downlight has direct connection with the human psychology and studies had proved that. Experts claims that led downlight can add a glam to your sleeping space and a cozy environment.


LED Surface Mount Downlight


What Are The Different Types of LED Downlights?


A led downlight can be defined as a light that has been concave into a ceiling and that throws light downwards in a narrow beam.  When they turned on, they looks like light is shining down out of the ceiling. Led downlight lighting comes with more advantages as compared to traditional lighting as downlights are fancier as they light your home in a modern way. They don’t even take much space as they are installed within the ceiling but also they are long-lasting. Led downlight is more energy efficient as compared to traditional lighting fixtures, and they also require little maintenance but in case of downlight it vice versa.


Types of LED Downlights


Led Downlight come in different shape and sizes. There are two types of led downlights available at Led Uncle with different sizes.

  • Led Surface Mount Downlight/ Indoor Downlight

An indoor downlight sits on top of a flat surface like the flat part of a ceiling and protrudes away from the surface.This type of lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and is ideal for setting where there is little space between the structural ceiling and the drop down ceiling, or when the ceiling is exposed. The led surface mounted downlight has fitted side and its thickness is about 2 cm. The middle part is concave, which can be screwed on the edge of the shelf to hold the stick in the ceiling.

LED Recessed Down Light

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A driverless design is hard to find but it is easily available on Led Uncle with unique design. It provides shatter proof Perspex lens and it is non- flickering. Talking about the lifespan of these lights are usually 2,000 hours but on Led Uncle we provide you 25,000 hours which is phenomenal in its own way.

A led recessed light is thinner, thin as 1cm, high up on the back with two buckles which are used to snap the spring. Concealed downlight installation of the card is immutable in the hole that has been cut in the ceiling panel light. The body of led concealed downlight can just inherit into the ceiling, with the ceiling into the one of the rears panel lights. The recessed installation does not have that inflating.

Led uncle provides a unique driverless design, AC direct driven design, extensive options that can replace all types of standard MH High bays. The Perspex lens is also shatter proof. It gives High Thermal Conductivity, Low Luminous Decay, Pure Coolers & No Heavy Shade and it is Non – Flicker. You can buy all these benefits from Led uncle.                                                                                     

How to Setup a LED Downlights at Your Bedroom?


Lighting a bedroom is a personal affair and it totally depends on individual choice and preferences. One should always take professional help in the setting up of led Downlights to avoid any kind of accident or mistakes. The number of led downlight is totally depends upon individual choice as they know what atmosphere they need in their bedroom but the ideal idea is 1 downlight per 1.4m. Led downlight placement and spacing a major role.

We at Led uncle offer you a wide range of lights following the latest design and trends. We give preference to your taste. At Led Uncle we offer products that are carefully manufacture and made under supervision. 2 years of warranty. Hurry up. Grab this opportunity only at leduncle.com only in India.




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