Benefits of using LED Flood light for your outdoor

You might think what benefits can a led flood light offer for your outdoor? This is why in this blog we are going to discuss its uses and benefits. LED Flood lights are simply large, broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights. It is directed or designed in a way as to give comparatively uniform illumination over a given area. Understanding how they work is the only way an individual can know how efficient and productive they are.

LED Flood lights are most commonly used in playing fields like sports event being held in with low light conditions. They are also used during outdoor functions that require a lot of lighting. Large companies and industries use them during the night to illuminate their compounds. The market of these lights is quite flourishing because of the quality of brightness and their durability makes them a great choice. It offers a wide variety of choices that you can get while choosing outdoor flood lights.

LED Flood Lights

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LED Uncle is an e-commerce online LED Lights platform in India that sells all kinds of LED lights that are in use with great durability and unique style. Flood lights of LED Uncle are great in style and design. Our LED flood light is a stunner as they all have IP66 ratings, meaning the fixture is dust proof, strong and waterproof, so you can safely use them outside in all weather condition. So whether they’re placed by a swimming pool, parking lot or a garden, they’ll be safe to use for a long time. They are of premium quality and corrosion-resistant. Some of the features our product has to offer which are very important to have in a flood light are as given below:

Features & Advantages of LED Flood Light


  • Driverless design

You may think about how LEDs can work driverless? Because traditionally known LEDs have some sort of driver to control the electrical current. Our LED flood lights are uniquely designed and do not have a driver to control the electric current. 

  • AC direct driven LED Lights

AC direct LED lights provide cost-effective integrated driven solutions which that enable dimming and are easier to implement. AC direct driven LEDs reverse the direction of current unlike DC’s which moves in one direction.

  • Available in White, Warm White and RGB Light output option

We provide flood lights with three different colors as well for you to choose which one you prefer. 

Outdoor LED Flood Lights

  • Available from 10w to 100w

The LED flood lights range from 10w to 100w to even 300w. The advantage of LED lights over halogen lights is that the 60w halogen lights will give out the same brightness as that of 10w flood light. But at the same time, it will consume far less energy than that of halogen lights.

  • Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy body

The aluminum body of LED flood lights protects the body of the light from rusting and gives ingress protection. These are manufactured from exquisite items that are kept safe.

  • Corrosion Resistant and Built-in constant current driver

Our products are Fascia glass sealed LED with SILICONE RUBBER ensuring superior waterproof / airtight performance and with constant current driver.

  • Better Power Savings

These are power savers and consume less energy than that of normal flood lights. And because of less use of power they are suitable for interior purposes.

  • Built-in power supply, No external ballast required

Our product has a built-in power supply which will help them not to use the external ballast. 

  • PIR Sensor Movement Detector Optional

Commercial LED Flood Lights

With the gaining technology of sensor lights, the flood lights that we offer have a PIR sensor movement detector. With the setup of these sensors, it turn own as and when required. It can light continuously and with a sensor detector as well.

Flood Lights are application with many uses. LED Uncle provides Flood Lights for industrial, outdoor events, playgrounds/stadiums, and architectural lighting. And the main reasons to consider flood lights with LEDs are because its energy efficient and maintenance free.



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