10 Amazing Benefits of LED Panel Lights in Offices & Workplaces

The 10 benefits of LED panel lights are:

  1. Even Illumination of Product Lines

The most important reason to use LED light panels is that they spread the light evenlyin every corner, compared to other forms of product lights. No more gaping dark holes on the shelves from accent lighting. Instead, you can illuminate the entire shelf and display all your products with ease.

  1. LED integrated panels provide a high-quality professional lighting solution

With optimal energy savings for companies, schools, supermarkets and offices, LED panels are the ideal solution for placement in standard ceiling systems and can replace existing fluorescent fixtures. High quality LED panels have an even light output, clean finish, long lifetime, low maintenance, dust-free, and most important a much lower energy consumption.

  1. LED panel light is made of a backlight module, light, driving, frame structure, and diffuser plate.

Light irritates from both sides or edges of the light guide material and changes the light advancing direction after the processing of light interference pattern. Most of the interfered light will shine out directly from the diffuser plate and only a small amount of the light will be reflected on the reflective material fraction for a second secondary reflector. All these light shines out as far as possible to achieve the illumination purpose.

led panel lights

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  1. LED Panel Light is energy-saving:

 High energy efficiency and non-pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, saving more than 70% than traditional energy sources;   

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  1. LED panel light has no ultraviolet ray.

 There is no ultraviolet ray or infrared ray in its spectrum, that is, no heat and no radiation.

  1. LED panel light has long lifespan:

Presently the lifespan of LED has reached 100,000 hours or more. With the continuous development of LED technology and the popularity of its application, if the drive and the dissipation could basically achieve the ideal state, the lifespan of commercially available high-quality LED lamp basically could reach 10000-50000 hours, almost 10-50 times longer than normal halogen spotlights.                  

  1. The flexible application of LED panel light:

Ultrathin and light, easy to install and space saving. It can be made into any graphic shape and any color, or even designing the color changing effects according to requirements.     

  1. The surface is bright and the light is even with no glare.

They are one of the best lighting solutions so far for office uses. They vary in different watts such as 15w, 18w, 24w, 36w, 45w panel lights.  A commercial lighting technology for making offices spaces more brighter and creating an working environment.




  1. Personal choices in lights

They come in different shapes and design according to the need and size of the space. These lights also focus on how to deliver light. Such examples of indoor panel lights are square panel lights, surface mounted led panel light and recessed led panel light.      

  1. Brightens the office without making it too hot.

You need a comfortable working environment to encourage people to work diligently, and you also want to keep your cooling costs low. LED Indoor light panel can display your messages and illuminate the office, but they emit very little heat compared to halogen and other types of bulbs.

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