LED Street Lights - Cost Effective Roadway Lighting Systems

Cost effective roadway led street lighting system is one of today’s best ways to invest in smart technology. LED street lighting offers a colossal amount of benefits that come with small investments. Led street lights assure lower energy costs by using motion detectors to provide illumination only when needed. Proper use of these smart roadway street lighting systems will benefit the city and its people. And use networks of smart street lights as the foundation on which to build powerful smart city applications.

Advantages of Street Lights

If there were no street lights what would our cities look like? LED Street light and pole lights are the safest for the communities and citizens to feel safe; a positive change in all earnestness is paramount. Street lights are such an important factor in our day to day life as it provides security and a better vision at night. Street light with state of the art technology provides high-quality illumination for your outdoor premises.

LED Street Lights

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The solution helps you save on electricity and is environment-friendly. Because they produce light emitted in one direction, rather than a diffused glow - they can be used to direct light on specific areas. Unlike fluorescent lamps, they can be dimmed, allowing for more flexibility in controlling light levels. All in one street light have an in-built charge controller, lithium-ion battery, LED light, and dusk to dawn sensor.

Smart Street Lighting System

Energy-saving LED road lights are the intelligent and smart street lighting system. One use of LEDs is that it is becoming increasingly popular in street lights. Use of these led street lights offers many benefits such as they depreciate at a much lower rate than other alternatives and are free from toxic chemicals like mercury. Some of the other benefits it has are:

  • This outdoor street lighting technology consumes little energy.
  • Produces 30% less heat.
  • Light spreads widely and equally in all areas.
  • Long lives compared to other lighting systems.
  • Availability of Outdoor LED Lighting - 10W, 20W, 50W, 60W Street Light
  • LED Street Light fixtures are cost-effective roadway lighting systems that are available at LEDUncle an online platform for all led lights. Energy-efficient street lighting is the best commercial lighting technology that has driverless design and AC direct driven LED Lights.
  • High-grade aluminum pressure die-cast housing.
  • Toughened glass cover.

 LED Street Lights

Where to buy LED Street lights from?           

LEDUncle is the leading manufacturers of led street lights in the industry and provides our customers with the best services. Keeping your need in mind our research and development team has built a Led street light with two different led street lights and specifications. Street lights that are very much important to our life that keep us safe and gives a better vision at night.

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We provide the led street light with the latest technology and the cheapest price. Buy led street lights online in India from LEDUncle. Our lights are known for tough glass cover, different optics for different beam patterns with high spread of using high-quality lenses and reflectors. The company is also the supplier and dealer of led lights.

Some of the features of LEUncle’s street lights are

  • Toughened glass cover.
  • Different optics for different beam patterns with high spread using high-quality lenses and reflectors.
  • Beam angle for lenses is more than 120 degrees.
  • Multiple LED is used in series and parallel cluster.
  • Driverless design.
  • AC direct driven LED Lights.
  • High-grade aluminum pressure die-cast housing.
Buy LED street lights online at LEDUncle or for more details visit our website.


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