Why LED Light Bulbs are now the standard bulb designs ?

LED stands for light emitting diode. These were made to be more efficient than that of incandescent bulbs. They produce lights that are 90% more than that of bulbs. LEDs are directional light sources, which mean they emit light in a specific direction only. LED Lights do not run out quickly and can be used for a longer period.

We, at LEDUNCLE, offer different kinds of LED Lights that can be used for different purposes according to its use. LED Bulbs are the most commonly used and the standard light that are in demand lights as the customers are getting used to the new technology that is in use. Our LED Bulbs are best in design and are directly driven LED lights. They are small in size and provide unique design opportunities.

led light bulbs

Why to purchase LED Bulbs from LEDUNCLE

There are a lot of options available today in the market while opting for LED Lights. But despite that LEDuncle is still the standard lighting which is more efficient, versatile and they last longer than others. With its high quality and performance, our products have their own features as well that are: 

  • Driverless design

You may think about how LEDs can work driverless? Because traditionally known LEDs have some sort of driver to control the electrical current. Our LED bulbs are uniquely designed and do not have a driver to control the electric current. 

  • AC direct driven LED Lights

AC direct LED lights provide cost-effective integrated driven solutions which that enable dimming and are easier to implement.

  • Lasts 20 times longer than Standard Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs used to be known as the standard bulb for a long time but with the introduction of LEDs, incandescent bulbs are soon to be obsolete. This is because of how LEDs are durable and can be used more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

led light bulbs

  • Uses 80% less than Standard Bulbs

LEDs use very less energy than that of incandescent bulbs. They use 75% less energy but with LEDUNCLE the LED bulb uses 80% less of energy.

  • Aluminum & Thermoplastic Body options are available

Aluminum and thermoplastic both are best at protecting and keeping things away from harmful elements. Aluminum coating prevents the steel from harmful elements and is a good conductor of electricity. They act as a barrier and a protector with high strength.

Thermoplastic body also has excellent flexibility and is weathering resistance. They protect against any corrosion.

  • Excellent Heat Radiation Efficiency

Our LEDs produces less heat. Because of excellent heat radiation in LEDs they use less energy.

  • Customized exterior for a stronger body

Like everything needs covering to protect and provide a barrier. The same way LEDs also need exterior covering as well. The outer coat given to our LED bulbs are customized personally and have a strong body to protect it from any harm. These covers will help in distributing the light evenly through the LED.

  • Wide beam angle upto 300 degrees

The traditional bulbs could only cover a small portion of a room with light and the rest of the space either had a little light or no light. But LED Lights can easily light a large area and have a high voltage.

  • Premium Quality Power Driver

The power drivers attached to the LED lights are of premium quality. These power drivers are placed to create a self contained power supply.

led light bulbs

  • Dimmable & Non-Dimmable options

We provide LED lights that have options for dimming the lights as and when required. This unique feature of its makes them stand out than others.  

  • AC & DC both options available

In most applications LED lights are driven by DC power supply. We provide LED lights in both AC and DC current.

The above listed were some of the features that leduncle has to offer in their product. And as with all LEDUNCLE products, we provide a 2 years warranty with it as well. Check out our other products as well in the links given below: https://www.leduncle.com/collections/led-bulbs


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